Starting My Cleanse Today

Yesterday was not my favorite day. Between driving in the snow in Seattle and outlying areas, which made all our plans for the day fail. We would have had a much better day if we had just stayed home and relaxed, but who knew. The roads were fine in Ballard, but that was about it. So after a few hours on snowy roads, white knuckle driving for a mom not used to or comfortable driving in the snow, I was happy when we were finally safe at home. But then the sick stomach set in, not sure if was the sushi from Factoria mall (although everyone else was fine), or settling stress nerves making me sick or a bout of the flu. But as I write now, I feel a bit better, but still nervous about eating. In any event as I held my head over the toilet I decided, maybe it was the break I took that set this in motion, and then I figured it was time to start my cleanse. The things I plan on eliminating for a month don’t sound good when you are sick, so starting today I am giving up alcohol, drugs, coffee and added sugar and sweets. Another couple aspects of the cleanse is the clutter clean out. I will also take 10-20 minutes (minimum) to clear the clutter from somewhere in my house each day. 10 minutes is the minimum, but hopefully it can spark bigger projects. Andrew would also like to include a challenge of less meat and less processed food which are also good changes that we can strive for.

We will see how it goes, I am going to try my best, I may go for decaf coffee since I love the taste, but the goal will to be just take these things out of the mix to see if I can have the self control to last. I am prepared for the no coffee headache and I am sure the others will be easier. And now I will also promise my family and those around me that I will not complain, as this all self induced.


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