Almost One Full Month

I decided that February 11th is the day this cleanse is going to end. I have been pretty vigilant about sticking to it. Only a sip or two of wine (not one full glass), maybe a bite of birthday cake to celebrate my friend’s 30th birthday and the occasional slip up of a white flour or sugar snack during some mindless eating during the Superbowl or while tailgating on ski days. But when a friend asked to go out for a night on the town, February 11th was the day she suggested, I felt since I was just shy of 4 days of making it a full month, that was a good ending point. What I have learned with this little exercise is that, for me, it is important to be conscience of what I am putting in my mouth – so by eliminating types of foods, etc. I try to really think about what I am eating. I also have realized that some types of foods are not settling with me as well others. Next on my list is to investigate nutritionists and see what types of food are right for me. I am a little nervous about not having ANY rules attached to my eating, drinking and other behaviours, but in the same sense having a ton of rules is not always the best way to move through life. My new way of thinking is to try to take everything in moderation and to be conscience of what I put in my body and how it makes me feel. These are not super bold ideas, but for me it will help me to stay in control and feel good for the most part. I figure if I can be good 80% of the time 20% of the time I can let loose and not really feel deprived. It’s really just about learning what works for me, at 37 I am not getting any younger, it is really time to figure out what makes my body work right and how I can get the most energy out of each day. Sadly, my goal of de-cluttering each day did not make it either. It didn’t really make it past day one of the program. Again, when there are too many rules it is really tough to stick to them all. As a mother of 2 young girls, working every day, after school activities and just the general every day life stuff, adding another project into each day I realized I didn’t have time, not even 10 minutes for the de-cluttering projects. It is not lost or forgotten though. It will be revived, every week I do try to make a trip to Goodwill and once the after school activities and weekend ski lessons calm down we will have more time to pick up other projects. Overall, I think I did okay. I kept with the important goal and I am learning a lot about myself, which is helpful. Again, at my age I should be figuring out what works for me and what doesn’t. And now I can move on to other topics for my blog :-). For those that are just coming into the middle of this train of thought, here is a recap of my self made cleansing program.  Thanks for reading and letting me open up my head to the world…

Until Next Time — kg


2 thoughts on “Almost One Full Month

  1. I’m honored that you broke your cleanse for my birthday! (Unless you have another friend who turned 30 within the last month?) Anyways, nice job on this. I guess this means we can go crazy this weekend while skiing 🙂

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