Oh Lord…What a Race!

Today I did my second, Lord Hill 10 Mile Trail Run, it was organized by the local running group, Evergreen Trail Runs. Andrew and I ran this race last year, he actually did the 50k (31 miles) and I did the 10 miler, I took my time last year and it took me about 2 hours and 20 minutes. This year, Andrew and I both did the 10 miler, and we brought Andrew’s brother Alex & his wife Anna along to experience the joy of Lord Hill.  I must say this run was tons of fun, trail runs are nice change of pace from regular street runs or city runs (although those have their own appeal too, like chocolate!  I get to do the Seattle Hot Chocolate 15k next weekend), this race you get to run through mossy green trees and narrow woody paths. Maybe part of the fun for me this year was that I shaved off 14 minutes off last years time, coming in at 2 hours and 6 minutes, or possibly it was the nice compliment from the woman running behind me; when I realized there were about 4 people behind me I figured I was holding up the group, I told her to go ahead and pass and she said, no thanks, you are setting a really great pace. Who me?

So, although I have some sore muscles (nothing a little yoga can’t fix) and some purple toe nails (nothing some dark polish can’t fix), I feel happy and content that I was able to get out into nature and run around like kid in the forest!

It’s actually pretty fun to get dirty on the trail, here are my shoes, before and after. Thank you to Dirty Girl Gaiters for keeping all the crap out of my socks and my shoes, only the outside got wet and messy!


And of course the post race meal and beverage is always a highlight of any race, this time we stopped by the Redhook Brewery for lunch. On a side note, this was my first race since I stopped eating gluten, and I have to say I really missed the post race beer. I also missed out on some of the snacks, for these smaller runs the aid station has real food, like pretzels, sandwiches with pb & nutella, and Cliff Bars. I was a little bummed to miss out on those snacks this year, but I did get fresh fruit at the aid sation & hot vegetable soup at the end of the race!

redhook I do reccomend trying a trail run for any runners out there, as I said before, it is a wonderful change of scenery and the community feeling of these races is a lot of fun! 

So, we will see where the next race takes us, until next time! kg


2 thoughts on “Oh Lord…What a Race!

  1. Since moving to Colorado, I am addicted to trail runs!! I feel like I get less “bored” and my body never goes on auto pilot. Since starting trail runs, I also have stopped running with an iPod. There is soooo much captivating beauty when running off road, that I feel like I stay more motivated and don’t need outside stimuli to encourage me. I just get in a great rhythm with my breathing, the sound of my feet brushing through the trail, and the birds singing along. As for the beer at the end – don’t give up on those! I’ve been gluten free for about a year and there are some awesome gluten free beers & ciders that are delicious!!
    Happy Racing!

    • I totally agree, trail runs are a great way to race, it really does make you stay focused on what’s around you, I have given up my iPod too for all runs, that also helps to focus on your running form too. Yeah, I have found I do enjoy a good cider these days, but we were at Redhook and they are purists there :-). Thanks for the comment! Enjoy the snow!

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