The Joys Of Parenting & Truck Camping

As I have written before, our family has been embarking on the adventure of Truck Camping. We have taken the camper overnight a few times now and have really enjoyed it. That is my husband (A), my youngest daughter (N) and I have really enjoyed it, but this weekend my oldest daughter (S) expressed how much she really did not enjoy it. Which in turn ruined the whole trip for the rest of us. The weekend went something like this: We got up to the ski area on Friday afternoon, there was no school, and A had the day off from work so why not go skiing? The sun was shining, we had visitors, uncle A & Aunt A with Baby O came to visit and we had a great time, the mountain was empty we zoomed into each chair lift it was great. After our visitors left we made a yummy dinner, took some night time runs and went to the lodge for a little after dinner drink and got to watch some ski racing on our walk home across the ski slopes. It really was a great way to spend an evening and a weekend. We all went to bed and fell asleep quickly because we had a busy day. Although, S did express a concern that she does not care to sleep in the camper, its not the same as at home, she is sharing a bed with her sister, etc, etc. The usual complaints from a 9 year old that is not interested in trying something new, she still fell asleep quickly and got up happy. On Saturday, we woke up at a reasonable time, had our breakfast in the camper, the girls played in the snow and took a run before the lessons. I relaxed, did the dishes and had some tea before I headed out to the slopes, so civilized!

After a long day of skiing with cousins and friends we all ended up in the camper, it was a great day, we all enjoyed the sun and snow, but by the end we were all tired. Our plan was to rest and then go to the Ski Patrol Spaghetti Feed, see the girls instructors, socialize with other camper folks, come back to the camper get into our pj’s and snuggle up and watch a movie. Well, S had some other plans, after we had told her we wanted her to stay with us, she continually asked to go home with her cousins, and although it really would have been okay, we really just wanted to have a family night together. So, instead of having a fun family bonding night we had a cry, fight, yelling night that eventually ended up with everyone angry and upset and the family going home early (all because we wanted to spend more time together… how ironic!).  In her defense, I will admit that my parenting skills were not the best in the moment, I am trying to relive the experience and figure out what I could have done differently, I know that I did try to start with a calm voice and explain how much we wanted her to stay with us, but she wouldn’t give up. She was tired and hungry and she was mad. She was angry and she was not going to move or budge on her stance. So, the yelling and fighting continued – which didn’t really work. In the end, we were all so angry and mad and frustrated, we just packed up and went home. A very quiet and tense ride home. S ended up being grounded, no play dates, no screens, nothing for a week. Now we are working on our listening skills, when we say No that means NO. How hard is that to accept. The next day, S missed out on a playing with her friends, which may have helped her realize we were serious. We have never grounded her before and no screen time for a week is really going to be tough on everyone, but hopefully, it will help her to remember that throwing a fit and fighting with the parents is not the way to go.  We will see how the week goes, hoping for the best. Until next time.


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