TruckMy family and I have recently discovered the joys of Winter Camping. I will admit Winter Camping will not be for everyone. My husband and I are avid skiers, he enjoys a lot of the back country and touring ski trips, while I have tried this a few times I am still learning, but I do love and enjoy skiing inbounds at the wonderful ski areas here in the Northwest, specifically Snoqualmie Pass and Alpental.

This fall we made a huge leap and purchased a Ford F350 Truck and with it a Wolf Creek 850 Truck Camper (the camper that sits in the bed of the truck, see below for a photo of the set up). This little camper is just about 105 square feet inside, it sleeps four people fairly comfortably and could possibly push it to five people, although the top bunk only holds 125 pounds, so that spot is reserved for small people. So far it has just been our family sleeping in it, 2 adults and our 2 girls (ages 6 and 9). And yes it is cozy, but what we have also found is that it forces us to get out in nature even if its snowing and blowing, we bundle up and hit the slopes or take a walk in the snow or do some sledding outside the back of the camper.

This small space living is also helping us in other ways too, we are ALL learning to use our words, so that we don’t get on each others nerves, telling people what we need instead of screaming (since we are in a small space, that would be a bit too loud), we are learning that everything needs a spot, since space is tight we need to put our clothes back in our bags or closets and we need to do the dishes after we are done and clean up our messes quickly. These are all great rules and should really be translated in our real home too, but for some reason its not as easy or natural at home.

Although we have only explored a few ski areas specifically Alpental at Snoqulamie Pass which does not have RV power (so your RV or camper would have to be self sufficient), we are looking forward to exploring the camping areas near Stevens Pass and Crystal Mountain. Both of which have hooks ups on a first come first serve basis (with the exception of certain holidays where you can reserve your spots).

The idea of camping in the snow and rain might not be for everyone, but it is something different and with our beautiful and wet Northwest winters you could stay inside all season long if you wait for the perfect day to get out or you could bundle up, put on your coat and hat and get out there enjoy nature as it comes to you rain, wind, snow and all.


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